A Temporary Goodbye

Your grandfather may have been a part of your life since you were born. He may have been the glue that held your entire family together. Perhaps his life lessons helped you grow into the person you are today. Alternatively, perhaps his knowledge and storytelling set the tone for your bedtime tales. Grandfathers are a crucial part of a family's existence, and their death can be devastating; and this is the reality of life everyone of us will face.

Last month, we experienced a big loss to Chris’ family. It was saddening but we know that Chris’ grandpa is no longer in pain and is now in a place that is more amazing than the best possible day here on Earth.

As Chris narrated,

“So a little about my grandfather... I grew up with my grandparents living in my house and we would spend our summers at my grandparents shore house on Long Beach Island in New Jersey. My grandfather, along with my dad taught me how to fish at a very young age which I still enjoy to this day. He lived a very good life and passed away peacefully at 98 years old to join my grandmother in heaven. I will always cherish our relationship and the lifelong lessons that he taught me.”


We went down the shore in jersey. Had to see the jersey shore store as well near the boardwalk.

Quick trivia, this is where Jersey Shore was filmed years ago and I saw the shore store where they worked.


We know that this is just a temporary goodbye. We know we will see him again. We are counting on it!



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