Here's our fundraising program, the Rescue Team!

Here's our fundraising programs, the Rescue Team!

Recently, we ran a fundraising program for Zia, a two-year old husky who had an advanced glaucoma.

About Zia

Zia is a two-year old husky brought in to an animal shelter in Georgia.
Because of her health condition and because of the large numbers in animal shelters in general, Zia would have been euthanized.

Fortunately, she was rescued by HLHR and immediately scheduled for treatment.
Zia had advanced glaucoma that, because it was left untreated, caused her severe pain because of the increased pressure and also caused permanent blindness.

She has since had a double enucleation to eliminate the pain. She has also been spayed, microchipped, and has had all of her vaccines.

She, like many dogs, is incredibly resilient, and with time, her other senses will continue to sharpen, and she will be able to live a happy and healthy life in a home where she can learn, by “mapping,” her surroundings.

Zia has a wonderful life ahead of her as a “specially-abled” dog!♥️🐾

Fundraising Program for Zia

The Selvaggio Squad and Hickory Level Hound Rescue teamed together to help Zia get her surgery and in just a short span of time, Zia received a total of $458 donation.

12th of August, 2022, Zia got her successful surgery, THANKS to all who helped Zia!

#Rescue #Husky #DoggyGlaucoma

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