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You can put together an outfit that looks great on you! This article will teach you about the basics of style, and give you tips for putting together outfits that look good on your body type and skin tone.



Consider your skin tone.

Color-wise, it's important to match your skin tone with the color of your clothes. If you're going to wear black, make sure you have a warm undertone. Don't ever wear too much color—just enough so that people can see it.

If you decide to wear patterns and accessories, don't go overboard! It might sound obvious, but don't mix stripes with polka dots or big earrings with small earrings unless they're from the same collection. The same goes for jewelry: one necklace is good; three necklaces are overdoing it.


Choose clothes that fit you well and are comfortable.

When it comes to clothes shopping, there are several important things to consider. First, you need to have the right mindset, which means not worrying about what other people will think about your outfit and instead focusing on making yourself happy with what you're wearing. Second, choose clothes that fit you well and are comfortable. Third, choose clothes that are appropriate for the occasion (for example: don't wear a tutu at an interview). Fourth—and this is my favorite part—choose clothes that flatter your body type! You might not always be able to find everything in one spot but if you can't find something flattering at one store then try another one until they all say yes or no together (and remember how much money we talked about earlier?). Fifth—and this may seem obvious but hear me out—buy only high quality items with good condition so they'll last longer than their cheaper counterparts (which I'm sure wouldn't look nearly as good). Sixthly: keep in mind what's affordable for both now AND later because once we're dead all our fancy outfits won't mean anything anymore anyway... Just kidding! We'll still care about style even then!


Determine what kind of styles you like.

You can figure out what kind of styles you like by looking at your current wardrobe. If you have a lot of black clothes, that's a good sign that you're into chic, sleek looks. If you have a lot of patterns and colors, it could be a sign that you want to try bolder outfits. You can also look at photos of people who dress in the style you like and imitate them—that's how I learned how to dress well!

I asked my friends and family what they thought my style was and they told me I should wear more pantsuits because those are always on trend.




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