Bohemian Paisley Embroidered Top

Bohemian Paisley Embroidered Top

For Paisley, it's all about the details. The top Paisley is unique and outspoken in her own amazing way. This top is adorable, flirty, and has handmade embroidery and delicate trim elements. Paisley will add all the chic without sacrificing any comfort thanks to its lightweight, breathable construction and loose, beautiful form.

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LuLaRoe Bohemian Paisley

Details: Fabrics: Cotton Slub - 100% Cotton. Size: XXS - 3XL

Jude, Denim, Cassie


LuLaRoe Bohemian Paisley Size Chart

LuLaRoe Paisley Size Chart

Watch the LuLaRoe Bohemian Collection fit video here!


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