LuLaRoe 90's Relaxed Denim

LuLaRoe 90's Relaxed Denim


The 90s Relaxed Denim is your newest addiction. This denim, which was designed with a 90s-era attitude in mind, has power mesh panels that are perfectly placed and a mid-rise magic waistband. From hip to knee, the loose fit dominates and flows into a stylish straight leg.

Are you prepared to keep it informal? Simply roll up the cuff for a simple yet stylish look. It's time to let loose and dress in the style of the carefree 1990s!


LuLaRoe 90's Denim Size Chart

 LuLaRoe 90's Relaxed Denim Size Chart


Watch my fit video of the LuLaRoe 90's Denim here!



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