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Hey! I am SOO glad you are here! You have some interest in doing what I do.. Let me share with you ALL THE THINGS.  

What is LuLaRoe?

LuLaRoe is a clothing wholesaler, who provides products to its retailers. The business is well-known for its stylish dresses and leggings that are offered as fashion accessories. DeAnne and Mark Stidham started the business in 2013, and it has since become more well-known. They now offer over 45 trendy apparel styles and have established themselves as a brand.

There are so many wonderful things about LuLaRoe that they provide to their retailers, like free shipping of your wholesale order directly to your home. The minimum order is only 15 pieces, so many sellers can order small, and frequent orders. They also provide 5% off of all wholesale purchases when we pay with our retailer card, which we use to purchase our orders. That's a small kickback once more. I love that.

If you live on the East Coast, you may expect your order within one to two days. If you live on the West Coast, it may take a little longer because our current distribution hub is in South Carolina. Since I live in North Carolina, it only takes three hours to get there, therefore it's amazing since many times I get packages the very next day.

LulaRoe also conducts all the research on what is popular and what should be released with what is currently trending.


Why is it so Popular?

Despite what people may think, LuLaRoe is not just known for their leggings anymore! , Even though they are buttery soft. The sizing is very generous and most people can wear multiple sizes, which is amazing.. You can shop the PRINT not just the size. This is also true of the ladies tops. There are so many designs and colors that it’s hard to choose which one you like best.

Sizing. What an important decision! When you’re buying new clothes, whether it be in a store or online, you’re faced with choosing from a wide array of sizes. Here in LuLaRoe, you can connect with a retailer about sizing before you buy. You’ll be pleasantly surprised when you get to size down! That type of flattery goes a long way with me!

If you are looking for unique clothing, LuLaRoe might fit the bill. The brand makes only 1,000 pieces of each style in each pattern or design. That is divided between the brand's 20 something styles.

It’s so comfortable. I can wear the same pair of leggings for days on end and it stays cool when I walk out of the house in the morning.

Not all fashion is about being the best dressed at high-end stores. LuLaRoe clothing is stylish without the effort, and you don’t have to spend a lot of your time creating an outfit.


How did I become a Retailer and What are the Perks?

So LulaRoe came and kind of fell into my lap. In 2016, one of my best friends decided to become a retailer, and I was like, let me try these dresses, these leggings and all the things. And of course she sent them to me. I fell in love with Amelia and Nicole and the leggings, and I just felt so adorable and I was like, I could do this, I can sell these. Like these are awesome pieces of clothing and I was a stay at home mom of six kids plus a dog mom and I had a business degree and for a stay at home Mom to get out and actually you know, in corporate America, you really have to be able to make quite a living to be able to afford daycare and to be away from your children and all that things.

So I really wanted to be a stay at home mom and when this came into my life, I just found the opportunity that I'd be able to help out with the car payment or grocery bills. I could help with the mortgage and then I could pay something off or I could take the family on a vacation.

It truly depends on how little or large you want to build your own boutique, which is fantastic that we have the opportunity. And with that said, I was also able to help other women take advantage of the opportunity so they could grow their businesses and support their families.

I am also blessed to be able to do  fundraising events. We do so many giveaways and stuff for our VIP group. We love blessing people!

So not only am I blessing my own family with a helpful income or a helpful extra income and also sharing the opportunity with other people and they are now helping their families. It's just so beautiful, It's so awesome. 

We've done so many countless fundraisers for animals that needed expensive, extensive surgeries. We've done fundraisers for people who, you know, for example a Dad who had a heart attack and was out of work for several months, so through this vehicle, I am able to help so many people and my own family included. Plus we have a couple of assistants here with a Selvaggio style boutique as well that I'm creating incomes for them and flexibility and all of that good stuff.

So that's what Lularoe has done for me. It's so amazing. You can earn a little or a lot. You can help other women and share your experience on how to build your boutique and prosper, how they can be just like you, doing live videos or doing events or fundraisers and raising money for your family and also supporting other causes, which is absolutely beautiful

Right now the LuLaRoe opportunity is only $499 and you get 65 pieces, whatever 65 pieces you want that are in stock. I didn't spend $500.00 when I started my business in 2016 and now this opportunity is so affordable for the average person to jump into start-up boutique.

OK, so even if you just want to make a little bit of money or you want to make a lot of money, you want to work part time, full time, over time, you want to share the opportunity once you find success and help other women build their boutiques, you guys, there's just so many opportunities within LuLaRoe.

I would love to share what I know with shipping and having a website and building a VIP group and doing local events and all that stuff to help you and support you with your boutique, so all you have to do is send me a message on Facebook.

We have awesome assets, photos, fabric photos, and much more training in our back office, that is an amazing resource. Along with so many Retailer groups to help get you started.

I've been a retailer for almost seven years. I can't believe it. I don't want this opportunity to pass you, if you keep thinking about it and another year goes by and another year and then it's five years, what if you could just help pay the water or your cell phone bill. My gosh, my cell phone bills like $450 a month.

What if you are a stay at home Mom or maybe you need to fill in a financial gap? You have a gap between your income and what your bills are, most Americans do.. Because Life is SO expensive.. You need to fill in a $1000 gap. This is a great opportunity. Guys, please, if you want to start your journey, I’ll share what I have done, to help you create your own success, and run your very own Boutique.

If you are ready to start your boutique, please click this link and apply, after you do so, send me a message. (Signing up on the link is free) I will offer a live sale or in person event to help you build your boutique with you.


The flexibility of being able to make my own schedule, for when my children need mommy, or when we have important events is priceless- work for yourself, it’s so worth it. 



Tiffany Selvaggio


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