Selvaggio's Family Time 🍧🌻

Selvaggio's Family Time

With all the work and running a small business, a family time is what we've been craving. So, we decided to make an effort for the family time. We spent it expecting something with lots of fun. The kids enjoyed themselves so well that they marked it as the best family day ever!

We went to one of my favorite spots in Raleigh. The Dorothea Dix Park Sunflowers are a spectacular sight to see and not to be missed. We took photos and relaxed our minds while touching the sunflowers. Fun fact: Sunflowers mean a lot to our family as our Fallyn has Sunflower syndrome, a rare, epileptic disorder characterized by highly stereotyped seizures caused by flashing lights or light that forms contrasting patterns of light and dark.

After seeing the hot sunflowers, we had to cool off with snow cones at Pelican's Snoballs: Garner.

 #SunflowerSyndrome #SunflowerSyndromeAwareness #EpilepsyAwareness #PhotoSensitivity

Photos of our Family Time!

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