Style Feature: How to style your Body Suit

Style Feature: How to style your Body Suit


How to Style your Body Suit

You’ve probably heard it before, but wearing a bodysuit has so much to offer. They are adorably comfortable, stylish, and functional! The best part is they’re versatile too. You can dress them up or down with different accessories and bottoms. With these few simple steps and pointers on how to style a bodysuit, you will be able to fit in comfortably anywhere with ease - no matter what season it is.


1. Experiment With Necklines

But you have a lot of options when it comes to necklines. A bodysuit's neckline gives it structure and interest. It serves as an immediate focus point and helps to balance out how skin-tight the outfit is. There's nothing wrong with incorporating bodysuits with more straightforward necklines into your casual wardrobe for days when you're out doing mundane tasks like running errands. But if you want to add some heat, choose a bodysuit with a neckline that is a little bit more intriguing, like a turtleneck, mesh detailing, or lace-up.


2. Go High-Waisted

How to style your bodysuit

If you're unsure about what to wear with your bodysuit, high-waisted bottoms are practically a guarantee. When it comes to bodysuits, high-waisted denim is typically the preferred choice of bottoms.

This is so that the tightness of a bodysuit can be balanced out by the texture and rise of high-waisted pants and shorts. Additionally, high-waisted bottoms showcase your natural figure without making you feel too exposed and automatically shrink down your waist. Although you can wear a bodysuit with bottoms that have a lower rise, high-waisted pants are typically the safest option.


3. Try a Skirt

Although you might believe that bodysuits look better when worn with shorts or jeans, they also look great with skirts. The open, flowy design of a skirt lends texture to your outfit and counterbalances the bodysuit's tight fit.

Try wearing a high-waisted skirt with your bodysuit. When worn with a bodysuit, higher-rise skirts look slimmer and have a more streamlined appearance. Depending on the type of look you want to achieve, pair your skirt and bodysuit combination with strappy sandals, block heels, or ankle booties.


4. Pair with with Leggings

A great leisure outfit consists of a cotton bodysuit coupled with comfortable leggings made of jersey or modal. You're prepared for a cozy night in when you cuddle up with a thick cardigan and some fleece socks. Are you going on an ice cream run? Add a puffer jacket and high-top sneakers to complete the athleisure look.


5. Layer Up

How to style your bodysuit

While bodysuits are fantastic as a basis, you can also layer them over shirts when the weather gets chilly. To prevent unintended bunching, try wearing tighter pieces underneath, such as a turtleneck or a slim-fit button-down.


Embrace It

There is no avoiding it. Bodysuits are extremely constricting. One basically resembles a skin-tight one-piece bathing suit when worn. Many women find it unpleasant to wear clothes that adheres so closely to their body's curves. But because they are so attractive, bodysuits are so common.

How to style your Bodysuit

Everybody looks great in bodysuits, regardless of their body shape. On slimmer, boxier ladies, they draw attention to the sculpted curves. They rapidly smooth and trim ladies with larger, naturally curvier bodies. Your body will look better in a bodysuit no matter how it now appears. The most crucial thing to keep in mind when donning a bodysuit is to rock it. If you continually remember that to be the case, your confidence will surge and you'll be able to wear any bodysuit.

 Watch how to style your Hope Bodysuit here!

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