Style Feature: How to style your Paper Bag Pants

Style Feature: How to style your Paper Bag Pants

How to style your paper bag pants

Paperbag pants are back and they are even more popular than before! The 80's are still the most in fashion and paperbag pants are so much more than a throwback style. They're vintage, comfortable and definitely an adorable addition to any girl’s wardrobe. But with their popularity has come the fact that many women don’t know how to wear these retro looking pieces. So, today I will be listing everything you need to know about how to wear paperbag pants for that flattering look!


Paperbag pants can be worn in any season (they're not just trendy right now), they're an accessory you can keep in your wardrobe forever—and wear year after year. Here are the tips you can follow to style your paperbag pants perfectly!


  1. Go for a short hemline.


A short hemline is a great way to show off your legs, and it's flattering on most body types. It’s also more modern and trendy, so if you want to wear paperbag pants casually but still look chic and stylish, this is probably the option for you. Finally, since a short hemline is versatile and can be styled in different ways (more on that later), it’s a great option if you plan on wearing your paperbag pants again or want them to work with a variety of other pieces in your wardrobe.


If you don’t like how long jeans are hanging past the top of your shoes, try going for an ankle length instead! This style of denim pant looks chic but doesn't go beyond the knee—and it works well with both flats like ballet flats or oxfords as well as heels like pumps or espadrilles.


  1. Wear with a chunky knit sweater.


To keep the look modern, wear a chunky knit sweater over or under your pants.


Add a belt to create definition.


Wear with a scarf for added color and pattern.


  1. Embrace the high-waisted detail.


They are back in style and will continue to be for a while. The best part about these pants is that it creates an hourglass figure, which most women would love to have!


You can wear paperbag pants with almost any top if it has some sort of print on it (I went with stripes). I also added a jacket to give my outfit some extra flair. As far as shoes go, anything goes! You could wear heels or flats; it’s all up to what you feel comfortable in.


  1. Sport them with a cropped, flowy top.


The paperbag pant is a fun, flirty look. It's a great option for casual days when you want to feel comfortable but still put together.


But how do you wear them? For starters, it's important that you think about your top and shoes accordingly. You can choose any kind of baggy piece for the bottom half of your outfit—like denim shorts or wide-leg pants—but try to keep the top loose so that it doesn't compete with your baggier bottoms. To balance out how tight the pants are on their own, choose a top that has some flowy fabric so it doesn't cling too tightly to your body. Opt for lighter colours (or an all-white look) if possible; this will help create contrast between your pieces without looking too over-the-top busy or messy!



  1. Tuck in to show off your waistline and outfit details.


Tucking in your shirt, pants, blouse and sweater will help you create a more streamlined silhouette. To show off the waistline of your outfit and draw attention to its details (like buttons or ruffles), tuck in the top of your shirt and pull it down until it's about 3 inches above your navel. If you have a belt on, tuck it into the waistband at this point too!


For a similar effect with pants or shorts that are long enough to cover up all these areas of interest while still being stylishly casual: just gather them together with a belt or tie them at the waist so they don't look rumpled when worn untucked.


Go ahead and try these tips on any piece of clothing you'd like!


  1. Pair with a graphic T-shirt and cool sneakers.


Pair with a graphic T-shirt and cool sneakers.


Wear your paperbag pants with a graphic T-shirt and cool sneakers.


You can wear your paperbag pants with a graphic T-shirt and cool sneakers!


  1. Combine with a printed blouse and strappy heels for total elegance.


This is the perfect outfit for a fancy dinner or event, and it's so easy to put together. Just grab your favorite printed blouse, some strappy heels and a bag for the night!


  1. Glam up the pants with a statement blazer, statement shoes, and fun earrings.


If you want to dress up your paperbag pants, there are plenty of ways to do so. For example, you could wear a statement blazer or shoes with an equally statement-making pair of earrings. Or you could ditch the blazer altogether and stick with neutral accessories like simple pumps or tights instead. The key here is that the pants should be neutral in color (black, white and navy are good options) so that they base for other items in your outfit.

It's so easy to style paperbag pants! You can wear them with heels or sneakers, a blouse or T-shirt. The options are endless.

Here’s the thing, it really doesn’t get any better than this. Why? Because clothes are a necessity and pants, obligatory. Making the Dianne a luxury you simply gotta have.

The Dianne is a wide leg pant with a paper bag ruffle and an encased non-roll elastic at the waist. She has an attached belt at the side seams with front belt loops to keep the belt in place. She also has side entry pockets with a raw hemline on Bodre fabric only.

How to style your paper bag pants

We hope this post helped you find your next pair of paperbag pants. Paperbag pants are a great way to embrace your own style and stand out from the crowd, while still being comfortable and easy to wear. With so many options, you’re sure to find something that fits your personality perfectly!

If you need any help on styling and elevating your fashion sense, hit me up on my Facebook page, Selvaggio Style Boutique or VIP group, Selvaggio Style™ and let’s talk!

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