What is Double Rewards?

What is Double Rewards?

Basically, Doubles Rewards is a program where you can earn more shop credits while shopping! Fun, right?!

How to earn them?

Every time you purchase 10 pieces of $32 or more from Selvaggio Style, you will earn $20 in your shop credit toward your next purchase!

How to spend them?

Every time you collect 10 rewards that adds up to $20. When you are ready to use their reward you just tell us and we will reflect it on your next invoice. 
You can use it every time you add up to 10, or you can save it or stack them!

If you are wondering how to see how many rewards you have already, here's how.
At the bottom of every receipt in your email, will be how many rewards you have.


What are you waiting for?! Head to our website and shop now!
NOTE: It must be $32 or more, and it cannot be a grab bag, discounted item, etc. Must be a retail purchase.

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